October 21

Tool and Die – Get a Prototype Before you Commit to Production


You’ve come up with a great idea for a product, and you know you need to get it to production, but first you’re going to need someone to help you get that concept from the paper to the prototype. If you can’t do it on your own, then you know very well that you need a company capable of using tool and die to craft your idea, and Plastimold is definitely one of the best companies for the job.

So what is the difference between Plastimold and all of the other companies out there? What is it that we can bring to the table for you? We stand apart from many other service providers and manufacturers, and much of it has to do with our relationship to China.

Tool and Die

Does Plastimold Rely on China and other Foreign Sources for their Tool and Die Work?

Whenever you jump on board with a new company, especially one that is going to be producing your products, you want to know where your products are going to be coming from. There are many who want to see the ‘Made in USA’ stamp placed prominently and proudly on the bottom of their product and we’re not going to say that’s and unworthy goal. What we WILL say however is that yes, we do work with China, but we don’t rely on these overseas companies for all of our products.

Instead, we tend to rely on our overseas partners for only the most expensive part of the project which happens to be the building of the mold. Unfortunately, this can be a very high cost, sitting somewhere between $5000 and several hundred thousand dollars depending on the complexity of the mold. In other words, yes, we will outsource the most expensive parts, but the savings will be passed directly on to you!

In-House Building Team

Unlike many other companies out there we do have an in-house team of highly experienced tool and die builders. We have the expertise and the ability to manage the process even as it occurs overseas. Through this we have the ability to aid in creating the most complex molds and most importantly, we’re able to ensure that it’s going to be built to the exact customer specifications.

Built to Last

commercial tool and die service

Our molds are built to last, there’s no question about it. Even though we outsource the production to our Chinese partners, we completely oversee the entirety of the process and we can ensure that your mold isn’t just going to last for a few years: it’s going to last for life. In the event there is an issue, however, we’ll work with you to ensure that it is resolved to your satisfaction, allowing you to continue running your production.

We understand that when you use our commercial tool and die service, you’re expecting a certain level of quality – a quality that you might not get with other companies. You come to use for our expertise, and you come to us to make sure that you’re able to continue your production no matter what. The last thing you want is to spend your money on a dye, only to find out that it’s subpar or it doesn’t meet your needs. It can set your production back weeks or even months; we want to prevent that entirely.

Plastic Parts Built at Home

While we find that with tool and die related production many parts are cheaper in China, they simply cannot beat us when it comes to the plastic parts; we really have the industry cornered there. Most of the time we beat china in the production of plastic parts and with our quality control system in place, we see no reason to outsource whatsoever. Plastic parts are made right here in the United States, ready to deliver to you just in time for your production run.

We’re a company dedicated to your success and getting you the products that will last for a lifetime. Let us guide you on the molding process and get your product from concept to production using our domestic and overseas services.


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