Consumer Products

Quality Products for Any Application

Plastimold offers plastic injection molding services for every price-point of the consumer product market.  Whether it's thousands of small parts or a few high-precision parts, we can deliver on our quality promise every time. We service consumer products in all industries.

Main Benefits

Plastimold's end-to-end manufacturing solution ensures quality control at every step. This translates to a quality finished product in the hands of your consumers. Our inspection process ensures we catch any issues before your customers do.

Convenience Products

Low-cost, high-volume products are perfect for injection molding. We specialize in mass production and are here to help you through every step. We've produced millions of consumable plastic products utilizing our regrind recycling process to help reduce waste.

Electronic Products

Plastimold can also produce high-quality, high precision parts for specialty products items like consumer electronics and cell phones.  We can attend to any product requirement you need.

Specialty Products

Luxury goods require high-precision and high-quality plastic parts as well.  Our quality standards are second to none and will ensure your product is of the highest quality possible.

we also offer assembly services for your product

Quality Matters

Our quality program was developed and implemented by some of the most prestigious Quality Management personnel in the world! Plastimold is in process of becoming AS9100:2016 certified to manufacture injection molded components for the Aerospace industry. Our documentation process ensures every detail, part callout, marking, and packaging requirement is met. 

Plastic Injection Molding