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UK Mechanical Design Engineers Looking for a US Company


When you want to bring your product designs to a new market, it’s essential that you have a local manufacturing partner. If you’re based in the United Kingdom and planning to produce products for the North American Market, then an industrial designer at Plastimold will become one of your most valuable assets. With more than 17 years of experience in the plastic injection molding industry, we can help you bring your ideas to life, and offer you a manufacturing operation that will ensure speedy prototyping and delivery to market.

An Industrial Design Company for the Next Generation of Products

industrial design companyIt doesn’t matter which industry you look at; plastic products have become the leading force in consumer markets. From cellular devices, to medical devices, computers, and even home appliances, plastic offers versatility, cost effectiveness, and exacting design tolerances. If you’ve engineered a product that you want to bring to market, or even if you’re in the conceptual stages, an industrial design company will be critical to bringing your ideas to life.

There’s more to a product than just its inner workings. Particularly when it comes to device housing, you’re going to need designs that are not just practical, but they also need to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. You will need to take numerous factors into consideration, from the plastics that will be ideal for the job, to the molds that will be used to ensure the most efficient production line. There are countless companies that offer mold design services, but few of them will collaborate with you in the design phase to ensure that your product is going to meet your project goals. We won’t just develop tooling from specification, but we will help you to develop those specifications while keeping in line with all of your necessary functionality, regulatory, and financial requirements.

Mass Production That is Anything but Ordinary

When the word mass production is used, it sometimes comes with some negative connotations. While it is true that mass produced goods sometimes carry the stigma of poor quality and unoriginality, there are countless examples of industry changing goods that have been mass produced in many markets. From digital cameras, to smartphones, when you get the industrial design right, you’ll have the best chance of standing out in your market and turning your ideas into profitable lines of business.

Because we can design and fabricate using a number of advanced polymers, you can achieve the design and quality that you’re looking for. Injection molded production allows for complex pieces, injected color, and hard wearing plastics. Imagine cellular phone housing that never fades and minimizes the appearance of scuffs and scratches – this is possible when you use colored plastic polymers. Maybe you’re looking to develop high quality kitchen appliances from plastics that are food safe and heat resistant? We can provide the expertise that not only allows you to perfect the industrial design, but we’ll also provide the right plastics that are FDA approved for food contact at all practical temperatures.

When you choose Plastimold, you’ll discover one of the few industrial design firms that can see your product from concept, right through to packaging, and having one point of contact and accountability will help you to streamline the entire process. Ultimately, you’re going to come out with better results.

What Does It Take to Bring a Product to Market?

industrial designer at PlastimoldYour design engineering expertise can take you a long way, but you may hit roadblocks when you reach certain stages of your project. For many startups and innovators, something as simple as product packaging can represent a huge setback. At Plastimold we have evolved with the worldwide market, so that we could develop a service that leaves nothing to chance. In addition to our industrial design services, we’ll also work with you right through to the packaging and branding stage, and because we can do it all in-house, you won’t need to go through the process of finding numerous US based companies, conducting feasibility studies, and prototyping your designs. Not only does this reduce the time that it takes to get your product to market, but it ensures that you do so in the most resource-friendly way, which can help you to meet your operational and even environmental objectives.

Start Working with a True Market Leader

One of our biggest assets is our turn key, lights out production chain. When design and product molds are finalized, we can move right along to production and be ready with mass quantities in timeframes that will surprise you.

Our industrial design will help you to raise your standards and the ideas of what your products should be, allowing our success to become yours. Whatever your idea is, or how far along you are in the design stage, the reward from working with leading industrial designers will be massive.

Contact us today to discuss your next project, and prepare to become part of the next wave of innovative plastic product design and production.




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