Plastimold "Go Green" Policy

Plastimold is committed to being environmentally aware. We actively develop and support programs that reduce our company’s environmental impact as part of our business strategy and operating procedures. The development of a well defined sustainability program undergoes a quarterly review.   

What We Do To Help

We monitor the effects that our business activities have on the environment by supporting sustainability initiatives. All of our machines are all electric and extremely efficient.

We Use Recycled Polymers

Reduction of virgin material usage, by recycling the excess "scrap" material. 

Closed Circuit Water System

Waste minimization through a closed loop water circuit that runs through our onsite water treatment system.

Customer Box Recycling Program

Recycling of all resources, box, bag, pallet return program for local deliveries.   

Together We Can Create A Cleaner Future

We encourage our customers and suppliers to develop sustainability programs. We recognize that we have a responsibility to the environment to meet or exceed legislative and regulatory requirements. We will ensure that this policy and all procedures relating to it are understood, implemented, and maintained by all company employees.

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Is Plastic Really That Bad?

Humans consume a lot of resources. Plastics are no more or less unsustainable than anything else we consume. The creation and adaptation of plastics into our modern society is still relatively new. Plastics play a major role in the advancements of our medical, construction, military, and consumer goods. Surrendering these advancements plastics have contributed will not be beneficial in the continued development of society. What we need to do is rescue the lost value in plastic waste by continuing to research and develop new recycling technologies. This is currently being done by some of our nations finest engineers and Plastimold is always open to trying new materials and processes to aid in our sustainability initiatives.

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