Hold your plastic prototype in your hands and share it with the world

Walk into your next investor meeting with more than just your slide deck.  The perfect plastic prototype can win your next round of funding, star in your prelaunch marketing campaign and test the physical capabilities and limitations of your product before creating the final mold.  Hold your idea in your hands and show the world what you created.

Rapid Prototyping

Plastimold has both FDM and SLA printers that allow us to create precise plastic prototypes in a number of different materials.  Test form, fit and function of your product by having us produce a functioning plastic prototype for you to impress your investors and customers with

Interactive MVP Prototypes

Build minimum viable product (MVP) prototypes to show off and test your product early in development.  Produce full working models for use at trade shows, demos and beta testing. Rapid prototyping gives the crucial feedback you need to confirm and complete the product design process

overmold injection molding
Technical Architecture

Electronics Prototypes

Save money by building prototypes with off-the-shelf components before diving into custom PCB design. Plastimold can also provide short run demo or bridge manufacturing to validate the design and gather feedback.

Read About The Next Step... Manufacturing

You've made it through the development process! Now it's time to get your mold designed and produced so we can manufacture parts for you.

Quality Matters

Our quality program was developed and implemented by some of the most prestigious Quality Management personnel in the world! Plastimold is in process of becoming AS9100:2016 certified to manufacture injection molded components for the Aerospace industry. Our documentation process ensures every detail, part callout, marking, and packaging requirement is met. 

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