Insert Molding

Insert Injection Molding Process

One of the biggest advantages of injection molding is the versatility that is allowed by the manufacturing process, along with some of the specialty processes. Insert molding is one of those specialties, allowing injection molded pieces to be produced for standard inserts made from other materials. Common examples include lugs, bolts, and even tools, and you will find that insert molding is one of the most cost effective ways to complete, improve, or diversify your standard parts.

Because injection molding is a process that adheres to the strictest of precision tolerances, insert molding is ideal for critical parts. Whereas some manufacturing methods will leave excess space that makes an insert unusable, injection molding can conform to the smallest measurements. This kind of precision is incredibly important in critical industries such as healthcare, automotive, and aviation. If you want to be sure that your insert parts will have the perfect fit, Plastimold has the insert molding experience to produce quality parts.

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Expert Assistance with Design and Engineering

If your company has no experience with injection molding, plastics production, or specifically insert molding, then our engineers will ensure that you are well informed at every step of the process. Even if you need help developing your concept, we can connect you with the best designers and engineers to get your idea into production. Insert molding is not a process that most engineers are familiar with. Involving Plastimold with your insert molded design from the beginning will help save you money.

Plastimold Delivers Customer Satisfaction for Every Project

Choose to work with a company that is a leader in the plastic injection molding industry. Our lead times are some of the most competitive in the industry, and our ISO 9001 quality inspection process ensures that no matter how fast we are able to deliver your project, speed will never compromise the resulting product.

With all of our operation based in the United States, you can have complete control and visibility over the production process. You also eliminate shipping and consultation times, and can meet any legal requirements that you have for ‘Made in the USA’ products and labeling.

Plastic injection molding is used in virtually every industry in existence, from aerospace, all the way to consumer electronics.

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