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Who are all the stakeholders in your product?  Plastimold Products can help you identify and bring together requirements from key perspectives: customers, design engineers, manufacturing, supply chain and fulfillment.  Make sure your product meets your target market in the most efficient way possible.

Start the process of bringing your project to life with our 2D sketches and iterations that will help develop your product's form and function. As an award winning product design and development company, our designers will astound you with our aesthetically pleasing designs.

Before bringing a product to market it’s critical to understand the intellectual property surrounding the technology used to create itPlastimold can help you perform prior art searches to ensure your product will not infringe on existing IP and provide suggestions on which aspects of your product concept should be patented.

Turn your sketches into 3D computer-generated models.  Our team of CAD modelers and graphic artists have years of experience bringing product concepts to life. Our product design and development company will deliver high-quality photorealistic images for marketing, fundraising, and concept testing. 

Designing your product for manufacturing from the beginning will assure quality and save you time and moneyAs an end to end development company, we review every aspect of the project from the smallest PCB component to the plastic enclosure. We have years of experience designing products in such a way that they are easy to manufacture.

Plastimold’s prototyping services include CNC and 3D printed parts, PCB samples, and prototype assembly for testing and short run production. Throughout the design process, Plastimold will produce prototypes for engineering validation. We also can produce a full working model for use at trade shows or demonstrations. Rapid prototyping gives the crucial feedback you need to confirm and complete the product design process.

At Plastimold, we incorporate innovative mold solutions that allow us to build prototype and production tools in less time than the industry average. We use the highest quality mold components from industry-leading suppliers. By using advanced software, we can detect any problems that will occur during the injection stage, and our engineers can make necessary adjustments to the tooling design, to eliminate any potential problems.

Not just a product design and development company. From packaging design to full assembly of your product, Plastimold has you covered.  Our designers will help you through every faze of getting your final product on the shelves.

Plastimold has developed relationships with all major domestic and interaction shipping companies. You can take advantage of our rates, or use your own shipping company. We can ship your product however you like. We often ship to distributors, warehouse facilities, Amazon, and other bulk scenarios. End-user fulfillment is also available. We integrate with Shopify, WordPress websites, eBay, Amazon, and many other online retailers. Connect via API through our shipping platform, Shipstation.

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