Industrial Design


Turning an idea in a physical product is hard, especially in a vacuum.  But good ideas deserve a chance to be brought to market, and a design that can't be made is a design wasted. Let our team collaborate with you to take your product from a napkin sketch to your customer's hands as efficiently as possible.  Our team of talented Designers and Engineers develops products every day for every industry.  This is what we do.  Let us do it for you.

The Plastimold Difference

Plastimold has everything you need to design and produce your product under one roof.  By letting the people who will produce your product aid in its initial design, you ensure a smooth and efficient product development process.


We design products knowing what it will take to actually produce them.  Use our extensive design, engineering and manufacturing knowledge to speed up your time-to-market.

Human Factors

Form and Function are important, but equally important is how your customers will interact with your product.  Let us help guide you through the design process with our ergonomics experience.

Engineering Support

We have engineers that can help guide you through many of the pitfalls of product development.  What material is best for your product? What thickness is necessary in this part?  Our engineers can answer these questions and more for you.

Who We Are And Why We're Good

Our team of Industrial Designers, Engineers and Specialists has designed hundreds of products for many industries. We develop the best products we can, whether it's for a big corporate firm or an entrepreneur.

Rapid Concept Iteration

Through collaboration and experience, we can quickly generate multiple concepts for you.

Latest Technology

No crayon drawings here.  All of our 2D designs are done digitally so they can be altered, stored and delivered digitally.

Rapid Prototyping

We have FDM and SLA 3D printers as well as extensive CNC capabilities that can bring your first prototype to life.


We use state-of-the-art CAD software to create high-resolution, detailed renderings to use in marketing and web campaigns.

Read About The Next Step... Engineering

Your product's form and function are solid.  Now it's time to make sure it will work properly for your customers by finalizing components and physical properties.

Quality Matters

Our quality program was developed and implemented by some of the most prestigious Quality Management personnel in the world! Plastimold is in process of becoming AS9100:2016 certified to manufacture injection molded components for the Aerospace industry. Our documentation process ensures every detail, part callout, marking, and packaging requirement is met. 

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