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Why Plastic Injection Molding? A Look at the Benefits

There are many industry standards, some of which have been around for years, but when it comes to molding, making a change in the way it is done can be beneficial. Injection molding is a common manufacturing method but with metal being the common method, there are many wondering why they would want to use plastic injection molding. We’re going to go over a few of the benefits of using plastic injection molding and why it’s a better option for your company. We’re pretty sure we can convince you to switch from whatever method you were using before.

Plastic Injection Molding – The Accuracy Benefit

Plastic Injection MoldingYou can’t argue with the accuracy of plastic injection mold. Honestly, it can fabricate nearly any type of plastic part with very few restrictions. Those who have used plastic molding can tell you that it’s accurate within about 0.0005 inches, and that’s nothing to turn your nose up at. When you’re creating parts for any device, you want accuracy; you want it to work properly, and you want the end user to be happy whether that end user is you or a customer.

Manufacture with Speed Using Plastic

When you’re manufacturing on a mass scale you want everything to move quickly, and plastic has definitely risen to the top in that area. The products that come as the result of plastic injection molding are just as durable and they can last for just as long, and in the end, it takes fifteen to thirty seconds to create each piece. If that doesn’t interest you, then we don’t know what does. Of course, you could also take into account the low labor costs that are present here. The great thing about plastic injection molding is that it requires very minimal supervision, which means fewer employees, and that ultimately means more savings that pass right onto you.

Minimize your Waste

You want to cut down on your waste as a company, that’s a given. Helping to protect the environment and making sure that you’re using as few materials as possible is critical and plastic injection molding can help you to cut down on that waste and will help you to significantly reduce your footprint. In other words, it’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s efficient. There you have the trifecta that makes it a perfect addition to your business.

Make It Your Own

Plastic molding injection

One of the greatest benefits of using plastic injection molding is the ability to ‘make it your own’, so to speak. You can change the material, you can change the color, you can do anything you want within reason. If you’re working on a custom project, being able to change it to anything you want is definitely going to be a plus. In addition to that, you can create high-strength components by increasing the density of the liquid plastic during the production process. When most people hear plastic they think ‘weak’ by default, but that really couldn’t be any further from the truth. Plastic molding injection can definitely be used for the highest strength components and it even presents a smooth, finished appearance for the end product. As you can see, there are plenty of benefits and very little reason to avoid using it.

It’s Cheaper Over the Long Term

The final point that we will mention, and perhaps the most important, is the fact that switching to plastic injection molding is going to be far cheaper over the long run. The lower cost means more production and twice the parts – that’s definitely something to get excited about. This widely used solution is one that will revolutionize your business and bring you to the next level – don’t let it be something that you pass up – not by any means. Do the right thing, switch to plastic!



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  1. When you said that injection molding can get within 0.0005 inches accurate, I thought about how impressive it is that it’s accurate and still quick with molding. It’s cool to think that injection molding doesn’t sacrifice speed for accuracy and efficiency. Thanks for helping me understand the benefits of using injection molding.

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