September 26

Overmolding – Why your Business Needs it and How We Can Help

If you’re here then your business needs molding, and overmolding is actually one of the most common processes in the industry. Before we get started, we’re going to answer two very important questions:

Who you Are

injection overmoldingYou are an established company with a great product but you’ve started to experience bottlenecking in your supply line. Maybe your facilities are inadequate or maybe your supplier just isn’t doing the job. Either way, you’re looking for an alternative, and maybe you’re just looking for a supplemental service to keep your supply from continuing to bottleneck.

Who We Are

As an experienced expert in our industry, we’re ready to help you with your supply problems and make sure that your product is not only produced quickly, but accurately. Overmolding is just one of the areas we specialize in, but it’s an important one. Let’s learn a little bit more about it.

A Quick Overview of Overmolding

Overmolding is a process that involves a single part created with two or more materials. The first material is typically called the substrate with other materials being referred to as the overmold materials.

The Substrate

The substrate is definitely not restricted to a single material in injection overmolding; it can be made from metal, plastic, or anything else you might desire. Some of the most common substrates include screws, threated inserts, electrical connectors, etc. It is the first piece of a very intricate puzzle.

The Overmolding

The overmold starts off in a pellet form with the pellets being mixed with various additives. These additives may include foaming agents, colorants, and various other fillers. Once that is done, they are melted and injected into the mold tooling. You have your choice of many different plastics, though you should note that if you are using two different types of plastics in a single mold then you might run into compatibility issues – don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

The Execution of the Overmolding Process – What It’s For

Overmolding has many different uses, the following being some of the most common applications:

  • Plastic over Plastic
  • Rubber over Plastic
  • Plastic Over Metal
  • Rubber Over Metal

injection moldingAs mentioned previously there are some limitations to take into account, such as the compatibility problems that can occur between two different materials in your product. A compatibility chart, however, will go a long way toward ensuring that you do not have to deal with such problems.

So finally we come to the big question: why would you want to overmold? There are actually several different reasons, one of the most common being to provide a soft grip around a separate material. Need an example? Think about all of the different types of keys you can buy at your local hardware store. Many of these feature a rubber or plastic grip, which is the overmold. This is a great way to capture one part inside another without having to make use of plastic or adhesives.

Finally, consider how much assembly line time this innovation is going to save. You won’t have to manufacture the two materials separately – you can do it right there in the same motion. You’re going to save a lot of money and have a much more superior product, guaranteed.

Getting started in any business can present plenty of challenges, but we are of the opinion that we can help to eliminate one of those hurdles right off the bat. Do you have an idea for a product? Do you want to see that idea come to life? Are you tired of guessing and struggling, and ready to move forward with your new product line? If so, then you’re undoubtedly ready to give our superior molding process a try. Let us create a 3D model of your product and put it to the test. There is no minimum order and before you know it, you’ll be ready for prime time, we guarantee it.



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