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Common Materials used in Plastic Injection Molding

If you’re just getting your manufacturing project off the ground, you might have a rough idea of what you want the product to look like, but what type of material should it be made from? That’s the big question, isn’t it? When most people see a plastic product, made through injection molding, if you ask them what it is made from, they will answer: plastic.

It’s a good answer, but there are actually several types of plastic used in the injection molding process and we’re going to go over a few of the most popular types, though there are actually more than 200 used in the manufacturing process. Keep in mind that when you choose a resin material for your product, you will need to consult with us and make sure it’s the proper strength, and that it works well for the application.

Plastic Injection Mold Types – A Brief Rundown

Mold Injection PlasticKeep in mind that the following is just a brief sample of the different types available to you, but these are in fact some of the most popular:


This first material used by plastic injection mold manufacturers is flame retardant and has great impact resistance. It has a temperature range of -40 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for situations where the material could be exposed to extreme heat. Commonly , this type of plastic is used for automotive body parts, enclosures, and even wheel covers.


This material is chemical resistant, tough, and has the dimensional stability you need. In addition tot hat it has high tensile strength and is self lubricating. What does all of this add up to exactly? Gears, bushings, springs, plates, and housing. It’s an essential part of the manufacturing process and a plastic that will last for a very long time.


It’s pretty low density, but on the bright side it’s resistant to a number of corrosives including alcohol, esters, acids, and more. In addition to that the electrical properties simply cannot be denied. If you’re looking for a low density plastic that can serve as a living hinge, you’ve come to the right place.


This is really the exact opposite of the LDPE, and while it is much more rigid, it is also highly resistant to bases, alcohols, and acids. Because it is much tougher, it can be used for more solid hinges, pipe fittings, and more.


Nylon is a plastic used in the plastic injection molding process, and it is a bit unique because of the deceiving mane. It is in fact very strong, very rigid, and the melting point is off the charts. The strength that Nylon 6/6 exhibits makes it a perfect metal replacement with high impact and abrasion resistance. Finally, it’s self lubricating, making it great for machine parts. There are some disadvantages to Nylon 6/6, the biggest one being the poor chemical resistance, and a lesser issue being high water absorption, making it more susceptible to becoming warped. You will often see this type of plastic being used in bearings, bushings, rollers, valves, and wear surfaces.

Nylon GF 

plastic injection mold company

The last one we are going to cover is Nylon GF, the GF standing for ‘glass filled’. This material will last for some time, featuring high impact resistance, heat resistance, and even chemical resistance. With a 33% glass filled Nylon material you will experience much better strength than typical nylon, and it also cuts down on the water absorption. Essentially, this means that it won’t warp nearly as easily as its standard counterpart. If you are looking for examples of Nylon GF in the real world, then look o no further than outboard motor covers, office chairs, and even gun stocks. This is one of the most used, and the most visible in our society.

Get it Done Right

You want to make sure you have a high quality plastic injection mold company on your side to make your parts and your final product a rousing success. Mold injection plastic is instrumental in many products, so let us help you out by choosing the one that will work best for your project.




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