December 16

Precision Tool and Die – An Essential for Plastic Fasteners


Tool and die makers are well verse in the art of creating plastic fasteners, and if you are not, then we’re going to provide you with a comprehensive list of the types that you might find in a hardware store, or those you might want to have custom made. Plastic fasteners can be used for a variety of different applications and it is critical that you provide the one that serves the needs of your product best.

One thing that must be understood however is that while there are many different types you may not be able to find one mass produced that meets your immediate needs. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to mold the fastener you need, and it normally falls into one of the varieties that we have listed below.

Tool and Die

Plastic Fasteners Created from Tool and Die


For many, the idea of using a plastic rivet is almost entirely out of the question. When you think of rivets you typically think of the metal variety, and with good reason. They seem to be stronger, and when you picture the difference between metal and plastic, you’re definitely going to think metal is stronger. Believe it or not, plastic rivets produced with tool and die methods can be just as strong as metal, and it can be produced as one piece, as opposed to the metal variants that have to be welded together.


Masonry experts know plugs quite well; these are most often used in situations where a screw must be used in the building of a wall to provide connection to the material underneath. There are many different reasons for this, but these are one of the most commonly used fasteners in the industry. If you take a look at any brick wall, you will probably see at least one of them.


A bush is a bearing used to reduce wear between two structures. These can take on many different forms and we would be more than happy to produce them for you.


Clips have to be the second most common plastic fastener in the industry and they are used for a multitude of purposed. For the most part they’re heavily utilized for keeping things organized, cables, for example. They keep those cables from becoming tangled, and they also keep other materials in line.

Cable Ties

These often referred to a zip ties and are used to fasten wires and cables into more organized and manageable bundles. You will often see these used in the wrangling of network cables and large scale electrical systems.

Getting the Job Done

Tool and DieTo put it lightly, you need to make sure you have a quality job performed. We understand, quite well, that the proper production of these pieces of hardware can easily make or break your product as well as your business, and with that being the case, you want to go with the company that has years of experience under its belt.

Remember, the creation of the product might be the end goal, but it is definitely not the beginning fo the process. It all begins with concept development using 3D CAD drawings, and our rapid next-day 3D printed prototypes to show you just what your product is going to look like and let you know whether or not it’s going to work for you.

Bottom line: you’re going to save a lot of time by having us design your product for you and to make it even better, every single product is backed by our lifetime mold guarantee. Should you find that any of the products we design for you are faulty, a quick-change system can be utilized, making your job that much easier.

We offer a wide variety of services that will help you to build your business without expending exuberant amounts of money and without sacrificing too much of your time – time that you could be spending on more important aspects. It’s time to mold. We’re ready, are you?


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