Plastic Product Design


We Are Plastic Part Design Engineers

Starting your injection molding project with a design that can't be manufactured is like running a race with 50 pound lead shoes. You’ll eventually finish, but it’s not going to be easy. If design for manufacturing (DFM) issues are discovered after the part and mold design is complete, your project will encounter significant delays due to redesign and re-quoting. The Plastimold engineering team is here as a resource. Utilize our expertise through-out your teams design process to accelerate your project to completion.

Molding Experience Matters

Many designers are unsure of the details required to make a plastic injection molded part. Plastic part design requires features such as draft angles, wall thickness, rib thickness, and overall part geometry can make or break your project. These design features can be challenging to incorporate and all must be considered to produce the best injection molded part. Our design process and feature checklist is second nature to Plastimold designers. Attention to critical part and mold design details enable us to produce repeatable quality parts for scalable manufacturing.

Design with Purpose

Before beginning your project, we work with you to complete our Product Requirements and Design Specifications Questionnaire. This valuable document covers key elements including product usage and function. Below are some sample questions:

  • How will you use the part? What is its application? Is it a standalone product or a component of an assembly?
  • What is the user environment (UV exposure, salt water, corrosive chemicals)?
  • Does the part need to withstand specific pressure or impact?
  • What is the target weight, dimension, texture, color, and aesthetic design?

Plastic part design is the first, and most important step of our concept to market manufacturing solution. Getting it right the first time will save you time and money!

With over 22 years experience in plastic injection mold design services and plastic part design for manufacturing, our engineers have specialized knowledge of mold design and the injection molding process. Without this knowledge, your parts run the risk of cosmetic defects and even failure.