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research and product development

The first step to a successful product is research and product development. Don't head into the product space blindly.  Your unique idea is important.  Make sure it's protected and supported by the right technology and standards.  Plastimold has helped thousands of customers validate and protect their ideas.  Let us help you secure your Intellectual Property and your product's future.

Plastimold Main Benefits

Our research and product development process for concept evaluation has been applied to thousands of products. Our method will help you clarify exactly what you’re designing and why.  We answer the key questions: What need does the product fulfill?  Who are the customers?  Who are the competitors?  What does the marketing landscape look like?  Arrive at a concise product definition that solves an identifiable problem and has a clear marketing strategy. We also can provide an engineering analysis that reviews at existing intellectual property and suggest areas where patents can solidify your position.  We identify key technologies that will be used in your product and provide a technical system architecture.


We will identify all the certifications required for your product and provide you with a plan and a budget for acquiring them. Understanding which regulatory bodies and industry standards to follow is necessary. You must account for testing costs. During this process you also must be aware in selecting components that ensure you will meet all the relevant requirements.  We have experience with test labs around the world and have ushered products through UL, CE, FDA, FCC and other compliance bodies. Plastimold is an ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified company and values quality above all.

Technical Architecture

Do you know what the best technologies are to make your product concept a reality?  Plastimold has experience with many state-of-the-art technologies in a variety of areas. Our main proficiencies include mechanical design, tooling, manufacturing, electronics, wireless networking, IoT, firmware, cloud services, web and mobile applications.  We can help you find the right technologies and identify key component vendors. Our supply chain management will help bring you to market fast and provide the best experience for your customers.

Intellectual Property

Before bringing a product to market it’s critical to understand the intellectual property surrounding the technology used to create it.  Plastimold can perform prior art searches to ensure your product will not infringe on existing IP and provide suggestions on which aspects of your product concept should be patented.

Product Concept

Who is your product for?  What problems is it solving?  What exactly does it need to do?   Plastimold Products can help you identify and bring together key requirements. It is important to review your project from many perspectives. From your customers, design engineers, sales reps, manufacturing companies, compliance, supply chain and fulfillment professionals.  No one has a crystal ball to guarantee a product will succeed. Plastimold can help you be confident your concept works on paper and has a great chance to work in the market too.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing and sales perspective is critical at the product concept development stage.  What is my customer persona?  How can I efficiently reach out to them?  What are my sales channels?  Who are my competitors and what are their marketing strategies?  We can help you answer these questions, estimate marketing budget and put together a plan for key assets like a website and social media presence early in the research and product development process.  Don’t go all the way through development and prototyping only to find your marketing strategy has serious flaws that can only be fixed by product changes.

Read About The Next Step... Industrial Design

Now that you have a concept, applied technology and a strategy, it's time to get technical and 3-Dimensional. Our Industrial Designers will bring your product to life.

Quality Matters

Our quality program was developed and implemented by some of the most prestigious Quality Management personnel in the world! Plastimold is in process of becoming AS9100:2016 certified to manufacture injection molded components for the Aerospace industry. Our documentation process ensures every detail, part callout, marking, and packaging requirement is met. 

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