Injection Mold Design


Injection Mold Design. Quality from Start to Finish

Injection Mold Design. It's a delicate balance to make the part you want, at the right cost, with the highest quality possible. Plastimold will guarantee your mold for life as long as we supply the injection mold design, build the mold, and run your parts. 

Injection Mold Design Experts.

Plastimold has over 22 years of experience in injection mold design. We will design your injection mold for optimized performance and aesthetically pleasing surface finishes. The first step is solving for dimensional accuracy, but aesthetic finish is just as important! With the right design, it's easier to get a good mold. But with the wrong design, you're stuck with costly reworks and poor quality parts. Our MoldFlow analysis makes it easy to validate your mold designs. Get the expert feedback you need to know that your part will come out of the mold just like you imagined.

With over 22 years experience in plastic injection mold design services and plastic part design for manufacturing, our engineers have specialized knowledge of mold design and the injection molding process. Without this knowledge, your parts run the risk of cosmetic defects and even failure.